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Support Center » News » Rate change Lithuania - Immediate effect
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 Rate change Lithuania - Immediate effect
Posted By: eSupport Administrator On: 21 Apr 2016 08:42 AM
Details All rates to destination Lithuania have been changed.

Check new rates http://www.freespeech.co.uk/home/rates.html

New rates to Lithuania

Lithuania 13.76 p/m - increase
Lithuania-Mobile-Bite 34.68 p/m - increase
Lithuania-Mobile-Others 53.6 p/m - increase
Lithuania-Mobile-Tele2 34.42 p/m - increase
*Lithuania-Special Services 51.17 p/m - decrease

*Note: Lithuania premium rate destinations have been moved to Special Services
prices shown are inclusive of VAT

If you are unsure of destinations please use our rate checker

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