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 Do I get unlimited calling with PBX connect?
 No, you do not get unlimited calling with PBX connect.¬†You will get bonus minutes daily and cheaper rates for call termination than any of the other options.
 Why should I choose PBX connect instead of Small Business Unlimited
 The PBX connect option is for clients who have volume usage, such as call centers or medium to large businesses. Small Business Unlimited is for small businesses and a 'fair usage' policy applies to the unlimited
 Where can I see the call rates for PBX connect
 You can see them here - http://www.freespeech.co.uk/home/pbxrates.html
 Which destinations are included in 'Bonus Minutes' for 'PBX Connect'
 The destinations are marked with an '*' and highlighted in orange on the rates page - http://www.freespeech.co.uk/home
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