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 Special numbers
  1742 - Echo Test.1743 - Will tell you your number
 Customer care
  You can contact customer care by submitting a ticket from our support center or by sending an email to help @ freespeech.co.ukWe do not provide a phone number for customer care service - we shall call you if required.Before you co
  WARNING: Your password protects your account, anyone with knowledge of your phone number and account can use your account fraudulently. Your password is encrypted when you logon to your account online and w
 NEWS - Keeping updated
  To keep updated with the latest from freespeech via email you can subscriber to our news mailing list - http://support.freespeech.co.uk/index.php?_m=news&_a=viewIf you prefer you may also visit our website regularly or subscribe to our RSS
 Voucher Information
  IMPORTANT: To use your voucher you must first subscribe to FULL-ACCESS. Only ONE voucher may be used per account.(subscribing to FULL-ACCESS enables you to dial mobile, landline and international lines -
 Checking your call charges and balance
  Your call charges and balance can be viewed at any time by logging in to your online account and clicking the 'call charges' tab. Your statement is broken down per month and each month shows two sections, a charge
 Special Offer - FREEBOX VoIP Adaptor/Gateway
  Special Offer - FREEBOX VoIP Adaptor/GatewayWe have a limited number of these units to give away FREE (just pay £10 to cover P&P) to all those signing up to an Unlimited Option (Home Unlimited or Small Bu
 What is an 0844 number ?
 An 0844 number is a non-geographic service number. This means that the caller always pays a fixed access charge and fixed service charge.
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