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 What's my password ?
 Your password for your web login was sent to you on registration. If you have forgotten it, you can recover it on the login pageYour passwords for your
 What's my username ?
  Your username is your phone number. It was selected by you at registration.If you have lost your number you can dial 1743 from your phone to have it played back OR send an email to our help desk - help @ freespeech.co.uk .
 Can I use IAX ?
 No, we do not support IAX (IAX is a protocol used by Asterisk PBX, a common open source VOIP PBX).
 Which Codec should I use ?
 We recommend G729A as the preferred codec. G729 will give the best balance between call quality and bandwidth usage. G729 is only available on hardware phones or non-free softphones.
 Can I call Skype ?
 What VOIP protocol do you use ?
 SIP (Session Initiated Protocol).
 Can I avoid paying line rental ?
 Yes, you can avoid line rental by using a wireless or cable broadband provider which do not charge 'line rental'.If your using DSL (broadband over a phone line) you can use freespeech for multiple lines.
 What is VOIP ?
 VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) is the technology we use for routing your calls over your broadband internet connection.  See  Support Center »
 Which phones do you support ?
  We support VOIP phones using the SIP protocol.All phones must support symmetric RTP correctly (this means they must honour the a:direction part of an SDP - yes I know, too technical). The following are advisable for NAT traversal
 How do I know if STUN will work?
 If your running windows you can download and install WinSTUN from here <click> to run a test from your PC, we recommend you dis
 What's the difference between freespeech and Skype ?
  The main difference between freespeech and Skype is that Skype uses a non-standard method for it's communications, freespeech uses SIP which is the worlds most popular standard for VOIP (Voice Over IP). There some advantages and disadvantages
 How can I call other non-freespeech broadband phone users for FREE?
  To contact another broadband phone user (not part of freespeech network)There are three cases1/ Providers we have a peering arrangement withyou can call directly using phone numbers (we are in the process of arranging this)
 When can I use my 0844 number
 You should be able to dial your new number from landline or mobile straight away. If you get an announcement saying the phone number does not exist then contact your landline/mobile provider.
 What kind of speech quality can I expect ?
 The two main factors determining the voice quality of your calls will be the quality of your broadband connection and the quality of the phone you are using.If you are using recommended VOIP hardware for your calls you should expect quality
 How can I change my email address?
 Currently the only way to change your email address is to open a ticket. You can do this by sending an email to help @ freespeech.co.uk OR via the support page http://support.freespeech.co.uk.
 Can I use FAX with freespeech
 No, Freespeech currently has no support for FAXWith VOIP there are 3 ways to handle FAX1/Sending directly over an uncompressed VOIP lineYou can in theory use a non compressed VOIP line (that's using the codec PCMU or PCMA,
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