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Support Center » Help » Introduction to Freespeech - what is it and how do I start ?
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 Introduction to Freespeech - what is it and how do I start ?
  • Freespeech is a phone service which uses your broadband connection instead of a regular phone line.
  • Once installed, Freespeech works just like a regular phone service. You can optionally add real phone numbers so people can call you.
  • It does not affect any existing phone service you might already have. It can be used without changes to your installed BT phone line, for example.

 Because Freespeech is more advanced than a regular phone service there are some real advantages

- Free and low cost calling worldwide.
- Portability - use it anywhere there is broadband, even abroad.
- Software or Hardware phones – you can use a PC application or install a real phone.
For more great features and benefits see the features section of our website.

Getting Started

  1. Sign up for a free account (here).
  2. Download the free software phone on your PC (here)

    Sign up for an 'Unlimited Option' and get a free freebox
    Purchase SIP compatible VoIP hardware device from a VoIP hardware provider (Note: Freespeech do not sell hardware).
  3. Configure the phone with your Freespeech account details and start calling. (we provide a number of guides for popular hardware on our website - here)
  4. If you wish to call regular phones (mobile or landline) and benefit from enhanced service you will need to upgrade to a paid option. There are a number of billing plans to suit, none will lock you into long term contracts or penalties if you cancel or change. All billing is CREDIT CARD ONLY.

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View frequently asked questions.

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Created On: 04 Nov 2008 04:25 PM

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