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 What is your fair usage policy for Home Unlimited ?

The Home Unlimited option provides 'unlimited' free calls to a list of local and international destinations,  a fair usage policy applies for these free calls.

Fair usage is calculated by our billing system based on your calling pattern, destinations dialed, duration of calls, times of calls, call volume and account profile (unfortunately it can not be quantified as 'x number of minutes' per month). 

The Home Unlimited option is for residential use, the package is designed to replace a single traditional residential phone line - the fair usage policy reflects this. If you are using the phone in this way, you should never exceed what we class as 'fair usage'. 

If you continually exceed fair usage we will drop you a notification ( you will need to switch to a different option ) , in cases of an obvious breach outgoing calls may be restricted.

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Created On: 23 Mar 2011 09:09 AM

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