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 Configuration guide for X-Lite V 4.0

Configuration guide for X-Lite V 4.0

Configuration of the X-Lite V4.0 is simple - it should take you less than 5 minutes.

The X-lite V 4.0 is the popular FREE voice and video software phone from counterpath. You can find more details on features etc. from their website here.

Configuring the phone

Once the phone download and installation is complete (you can download here). You will need to add your freespeech account to the phones configuration.
Note that you will need a microphone and speakers to use this software.

Configuring the Account

Choose 'Account Settings' from the 'Softphone' menu. This will open a new window where you can enter your freespeech voip settings.

Fig. Choose 'Account Settings' from the 'Softphone' menu

You will need to configure the following settings (available from your VoIP control panel )

User ID: Your freespeech number.
Domain: freespeech.co.uk
Password: Your VoIP password **please never share this with ANYONE
Display Name: Any name you would like to display when calling other VoIP users
Authorization Name: Your freespeech number.

Fig.Complete Freespeech User Details

Click 'OK' and your phone should be ready to start calling.

Checking you are ready to make calls

Before you can make calls your phone must have the green check mark.

X-lite V4 online and ready to make calls

Fig. Ready to make calls

If there is a problem with your settings the phone will display an error message. If you receive and error message double check all the parameters you have entered.
The code displayed helps you understand the nature of the problem

Some common errors are

Error 503 - Service Unavailable: Domain setting is set incorrectly or you may have a firewall blocking your phone.
Error 401 - Unauthorised:
Check the Password and User ID settings are correct
Error 403 - Auth User Mismatch: Check the User ID matches the Authorization Name

Fig: Example of error displayed on the phone

Making your first call

Make your first call to our echo test. Use your PC keypad or mouse to enter 1742 and click Call

Fig. Use your PC keypad or mouse to enter 1742 and click Call

If your phone is setup correctly it will show the call is established and when you talk into the microphone your voice will be echo'ed back to you from the service.

X-lite V4 online with call established

Fig. Your phone will show the established call and mic. level

If this does not work check your microphone level (this is indicated in real time in the call establish box). Once the echo test works you are ready to make calls to any regular phone.

REMEMBER: calling from freespeeech is like calling from a mobile, you will need to place a local prefix (ie. when calling a liverpool number place 0151 before the number)

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