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 Configuring Your phone - SIP settings
Solution You need to configure your phones SIP settings before you can start making calls. How you configure your phone will depend on the type of phone or device you are using (sometimes parameter names may vary - refer to your owners manual if you need help)

You will find the SIP settings to configure your phone on the VoIP control panel.


VoIP control Panel

Fig. VoIP Control Panel - SIP Settings

SIP Server/Proxy/Registrar: freespeech.co.uk
SIP User ID: voip number (see control panel)
Authenticate ID: voip number (see control panel)
Authenticate Password: password (see control panel)

Some other general settings which are you may need are listed below

Name: (string that will appear as caller-id on other VoIP phones)

Preferred Codec/Vocoder list:

  1. G729A (or G729A/B)
  2. PCMA
  3. ILBC

Note: Not all devices will support these codecs/vocoders.

After you configure you may need to reboot (refer to manual).

Once your phone is configured it should become ONLINE  (registered with our network), your phone needs to be online before you can make/receive any calls. Your ONLINE (registration) status will be displayed on your phone and also on the Control Panel.

You will find some further guides for common hardware here

Optionally only if you are using STUN **see note below
NAT Traversal (STUN): YES
STUN server is:stun.freespeech.co.uk

**STUN is a method to help get over problems making and receiving calls through some routers - we recommend you initially try with STUN turned ON, if you have problems registering or making/receiving calls then test again with STUN turned OFF (by removing the settings)

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Created On: 30 Oct 2005 02:54 PM

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