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 generic settings

SIP Server/Proxy/Registrar: freespeech.co.uk
*If you have a setting Outbound Proxy on your phone please make sure to leave it blank/OFF. Outbound Proxy is NOT the same as SIP Proxy and may cause audio problems if enabled.
SIP User ID: phone number you were given on registration
Authenticate ID: phone number you were given on registration
Authenticate Password: password you provided on registration
Name: (string that will appear on some other phones)

Preferred Codec/Vocoder list:
  1. G729A (or G729A/B)
  2. PCMA
  3. ILBC

Note: Not all devices will support these codecs/vocoders.

Optionaly if you are using STUN **see note below
NAT Traversal (STUN): YES
STUN server is:stun.freespeech.co.uk

Once your phone is configured it should become registered with our network, your phone needs to be registered before you can make/receive any calls. Your registration status will be displayed on your phone, this indication varies from manufacturer to manufacturer (refer to your manual).

See Device Help for further instructions.

**STUN is a method to help get over problems making and receiving calls through some routers - we recommend you initially try with STUN turned ON, if you have problems registering or making/receiving calls then test again with STUN turned OFF (by removing the settings).

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Created On: 22 Nov 2005 08:37 AM

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