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 Can I use FAX with freespeech

No, Freespeech currently has no support for FAX

With VOIP there are 3 ways to handle FAX

1/Sending directly over an uncompressed VOIP line

You can in theory use a non compressed VOIP line (that's using the codec PCMU or PCMA, also known as G711) but in reality this is not reliable and you will find faxes will fail.

2/Use FOIP or Fax Over IP also known as T38.

Many of the newer terminal adaptors have built in support for T38 (refer to your manual).

T38 needs to have support on the network you are using, you need to have what is known as a T38 gateway. We currently do not have a T38 gateway installed so this method will not work.

3/Use a fax to email, email to fax service.

We do not support any of the above methods (yet).

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Created On: 29 Sep 2006 09:59 AM

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