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 Linksys WRP200 - 4 LAN port WI-FI router with 2 phone ports

Linksys WRP200 - 4 LAN port WI-FI router with 2 phone ports

Linksys wrp200

Fig - The Linksys WRP200

This device provides you with a wireless LAN network for your home or office and includes 2 VoIP phone ports. The phone ports work independantly and can be used to connect two regular analogue phones to two separate VoIP accounts. Usefull if you have two phones in the house and want to keep the bills and line separate.

Back panel of lynksys wrp200

Fig - The Linksys WRP200 back panel

This device has the following connectors

INTERNET - WAN connection for connect to your ISP/Modem
PHONE 1&2 - 2 analogue phone connectors, for your VoIP lines
ETHERNET 1to4 - 4 LAN connectors, for networking your PC's
POWER - Power for the device
ANTENNA - Wi-FI Wireless connection, for wirelessly connecting to your network

Connecting the linksys wrp200

Fig - Typical device setup

NOTE: The INTERNET/WAN connection on the wrp200 will be assigned an IP address. For optimal VoIP performance this ETHERNET/WAN IP should be a public IP address.


Before you setup your VoIP phone you will need to make sure you are connected to the Internet. Make sure you can browse http://www.freespeech.co.uk with a PC connected to the router. See the user manual for details.

Logging On

To configure the VoIP phone lines you will need to login to the router.

IMPORTANT: The WRP200 has a hidden page for configuring the VoIP settings, you will need to type this link exactly (type sensitive) except the IP address (default which you may have configured differently.

url for logging in to linksys wrp 200

Fig - type exact url in your browser

The default username:admin
The default password:admin

Configuring the freespeech VoIP line

Once you login, click on the Line1 menu (to configure phone socket 1)

Complete the details as below, once you have completed your settings click "Save Settings"

configuring line1

set the audio codec to g729

Fig - Configuring your freespeech VoIP line

IMPORTANT: Don't forget to click "Save Settings" when you are done.

Checking you are online

The device will reboot, you can then check the configuration worked by looking at the registration status (The LED for "phone 1" on the front of the router should also be green).

Check you phone line is registered

Fig - Checking LINE1 is online

Making A Call

Once a phone is plugged into the phone socket 1 on the router and the LINE1 is online you can pick up the receiver and make calls, just like a regular phone.

Your first call should be an echo test - Dial 1742

TIP: Add a hash (#) at the end to speed up dialing. example 1742#


Before you start troubleshooting, make sure your router is connected to the Internet (can browse web pages).

Can't get the phone to Online/Register

Check all the settings are correct and double check your password. The password is the same as your web login password.

Audio Problems

If you have problems like 'one way audio' or 'no audio' then you probably have a NAT/Firewall causing problems

Set the WRP200 to use Symmetric RTP

Login to your device and go to the SIP menu (don't forget to save settings). Set Send Resp to Src Port: = YES

set the wrp200 to use symmetric RTP

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