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 Configuration guide for X-Lite V 3.0

Configuration guide for X-Lite V 3.0

Configuration of the X-Lite V3.0 is simple - it should take you less than 5 minutes.

The X-lite V 3.0 is the popular FREE voice and video software phone from counterpath. You can find more details on features etc. from their website here.

Configuring the phone

Once the phone download and installation is complete (you can download here). You will need to add your freespeech account to the phones configuration.

Adding the Account

Once the phone has been installed, the "SIP Accounts" dialogue box should open up automatically. Click on the 'Add' button.

Setting the Account Properties

Configure the phone as illustrated above.

You can find all the settings you need on your VoIP control Panel. you can access your VOIP line control panel by logging in to your web account (login here) and selecting your number from the 'Services' menu at the top of the page

Display Name: <place your name>
Username: <your freespeech 00844 number>
Password: <your freespeech VOIP password>
Autorization User Name: <your freespeech 0844 number>
Domain: <freespeech.co.uk>

Make sure the box "register with domain" is ticked. The click 'OK'.

Make sure your account is enabled, then click 'Close'.

Check your phone is ready

If you have configured your phone correctly, it should say 'ready' in the top left corner. Your phone number should also be displayed.

Making your first calls

Performing an echo test

Your first call should be an echo test, this will make sure your speakers and microphone have been correctly set up. To make an echo test dial 1742.

When you call the echo test you will hear a brief message with instructions. Once the message is complete you can talk and hear your voice repeated with a slight delay. If you do not hear anything you will need to check your setup.
When your call is in progress you should notice the 'mic level' going up and down when you talk and the 'speaker level' going up and down when your voice is played back to you.

Making a regular call

If your echo test worked without any problem you can try making a regular call.

REMEMBER: calling from freespeeech is like calling from a mobile, you will need to place a local prefix (ie. when calling a manchester number from manchester you need to place 0161 before the number)

It's a good idea to also test incoming calls. You will be able to call your 0844 number from any regular mobile or landline.


Poor quality speech

Poor quality speech is can be due to IP bandwidth limitations or high CPU load - the following may help.

- Try shutting down all other applications that are running on your PC
- Unplug any other devices on your network to make sure nothing is using your bandwidth

Will not go online (Ready)

The message the phone shows on the screen may give clues
- Make sure your settings are correct
- Double check your password
- de-active your firewall temporarily to see if this resolves the problem.

Error 503 - Service Unavailable

This means your phone can't reach the service. This is because you have configured the domain parameter incorrectly (should be freespeech.co.uk) OR the service is being blocked by a firewall OR messages are not received because of a NAT router problem.


1) Make sure the domain parameter is set to 'freespeech.co.uk'
2) Disable any firewalls temporarily on your PC and router to verifiy if this is the problem.
3) Make sure you are not trying to connect behind cascaded routers (your PC plugged into one router, which is plugged into another).
4) Replace your router with a VoIP friendly one
5) Talk to your ISP or IT department and ask them to make sure they are not blocking SIP messages on UDP port 5060.

Error 503 - Service Unavailable

Error 401 - Unauthorised

You are being rejected because your Username/Password pair is not correct.

Solution: Check your username and passwords are correct.

NOTE: Your VoIP password may NOT be the same as your web login password, your Username is your 0844 number. See article "What's my password?"

Error 403 - Auth User Mismatch

You are being rejected because your Username is not identical to your Authorisation Username (They should both be your 0844 number)

Solution: Fix the parameters Username Or Authorisation Username

The following topology change may help in some situations where you have one-way audio (can't hear caller) or can't get online.

Go back to device configuration using the menu.

phone menu

Change to the following settings. Use a local IP address, Disable ICE then Click 'OK'

If you need further help contact support.

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